Power of influencer marketing to your business

influencer marketing framework

Influencer marketing is a partnership between brand and influencer, so they can work together build something special. Brands can sponsor influencer content making their brand or product visible to a larger audience.

What is Influencer Marketing

Identify and engage the right people and understand the networks and audience segments they influence. Brands getting straight to the customer via the right person at the right time by Influence Marketing. Influence marketing which today is defined by social scoring platforms like Kred and PeerIndex.

Brand Message > Influencer Recommendation > Customer Social Channel > Decision Making Action

Find Influencers Score

The total number of followers across all their platforms combined = the influencer’s reach.

Partnering with influencers

  • The brand has to trust the influencer creatively to convey the message to their audience
  • The influencer has to also trust the brand in order to partner in a meaningful way
  • The influencer, of course, is trusted by the community that they are trying to engage

Influencer Goal

  • Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals —specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based. If you’re still struggling, consider settling on your metrics before you set specific goals. Metrics include:
  • For website you want to see the monthly unique visitors.
  • Referral visitors (people who visit your website through your influencer’s work)
  • Brand buzz on social media where you are looking for Page Likes.
  • Social media reach by increasing followers and subscribers as well as video views respectively./li>

SMART e.g.

Increase sales by $4,000 a month
increase following on Twitter by 20%
Expose at least 3,000 consumers to my product

Customer Engagement Tracking

  • Use pixel tracking or give each influencer a unique tracking code to use in their various sponsored posts e.g. bitly or Google URL shortener.
  • Website engagement is measured by page views, comments, shares, and click-throughs
  • For Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s measured by reactions (i.e. Likes), comments, shares and click-throughs.
  • YouTube Channel videos can be tracking thumbs-down button counts as engagement.
  • Other social channels, engagement includes comments and screenshots. Looking for People Reached, Impressions and Views respectively.

Find your Influencer?
Identify their Influencer favourite niche or product to reach out. it’s important that you are aware as someone who knows what your influencer is doing, one should definitely not look desperate while contacting an influencer. Never approach an influencer if you don’t have anything to offer, why would Influencer respond to something that has no value. Start with a little lesser known Influence people, interact with them start building your reputation and then go for the big plan.

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Prerequisite for Influencer Marketing
Minimum 1K audience reach for being Influencer

Sponsor Rates:
Website: $175 per post – 10K impressions
Social Post: $75 per image – 2K followers
Video Channel: $500 per video – 50K subscribers


Social Media Effective Advertising And Marketing Campaigns

Effective Advertising

The concept of cost effective advertising and marketing campaigns with simple promotional techniques is made possible with the assistance of the digital banners. The recent form of social banners made by employing the services of digital designers, are part of the most appealing and alluring ways of getting across a piece of information or business messages like the details of an event to a huge audience. These digitally produced banners have ended up being an integral part of outdoors and also indoor advertising for organizations.

The huge scale use of digital banners and their preference over the other forms of advertising or conventional banner advertising could be attributed to their durability and cost effectiveness. Digital banners give a stiff competition to cloth banners, paper banners, and so on. Digital mobile banners are part of the well-known digital forms of banners which are used by businesses and retailers for advertising their products or services as well as for mobile publicity.

Customizable Banners for target customers

Digital banner creativity is very customizable. You can control the design to fit the mentality of your target consumers. In case your business is about women’s clothing, you can design your promotional banner to include colorations, patterns, styles and photos to be able to appeal to your female audience. So as for this to be effectual, understanding the mentality of your consumer in addition to the purpose of your product is essential. Effective designing of your creative say lots about your business and dedication. While a few products are best advertised with the use of simplicity and minimum patterns, others require vibrant designs.

Enhance Your Brand Recognition

While you think about using an website or mobile ad, make sure you are using the proper one which include layout, placement and the right type of display product. It is very crucial that your advert is eye catching and communicates your message. For a most superb impact, you should work with an experienced print company to help you create the first-rate product that will capture customers’ interest. Your sign need to be an extension of your business, and it have to show who you are.


Companies who render assistance to many local events or appear at gatherings and trade shows often will get a large number of mileage out of a banner. They are without difficulty, portable and have no hidden or recurring fees as soon as it’s created.

Augmented reality advertisements are certain to be seen.

The biggest motive an indoor or outdoor virtual reality advertisement could be very important because people passing through that area will see it. Not like online advertisement, you do not have to wonder in case your ad is reaching your clients. A well-designed and placed sign is a powerful marketing tool that will draw shoppers in and encourage them to use your business. You don’t need to target specific client like email marketing or online ads. You could potentially attain limitless variety of customers with one signage.

Cost trusted solution for mobile video ads

Cost trusted solution for mobile video ads
Cost trusted solution for mobile video ads

Mobile video ads one of key factor for global digital growth. Mobile advertising already passed the one hundred billion mark which makes it larger then print and radio combined. “In China, mobile advertising is already the most important medium, and brand communications are mobile first. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up”Zenith Media.

Mobile ads or banner advertisements, video placements and other rich media experiences are valuable to advertisers as it gives more engaging user experience.

Key takeaways

Dynamic ads provides you with more personalized content

Create static ad once and publish it to multiple channels. people can read it or view it, but they can’t change anything. In most cases, they can share or comment on it.

Dynamic personalized content converts at a much higher rate than static content. Search engines respond positively to fresh, dynamic content, especially content that is shared and subscribed.

Advertisers dominant mobile with Interstitial Video Ads

Interstitial ads are visuals that cover the entire mobile screen at the size of 320 x 480 pixels. This is the most popular size as it allows for more context, clearer call-to-action, and more creative content like videos, store locator, and many others. Soon mobile advertising to overtake desktop in coming year. “Intrusive Interstitials Not Allowed on Mobile”Iceg